James Bitanga

Chief Culture Officer
James joined REAPRA in August 2016, bringing with him extensive investment and business experience in the Digital Media, Marketing, and Technology space across Asia and North America. Prior to REAPRA, James was a consultant for Axiom, mainly focusing on negotiating large technology transactions and partnerships on behalf of some of the largest global companies. He previously held a similar role with IBM Singapore. Legally trained, James spent years as a securities litigator in New York followed by a stint with the Philippine Supreme Court. He completed his JD from Boston College Law School and BS in Communications Technology Management from Ateneo de Manila University. James is a member of the New York Bar.

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Making the Abstract Real in Business

Making the Abstract Real in Business

Along with my peers, we look to make the abstract tangible by joining the dots of this complex way of thinking and offering start-ups a practical, replicable playbook for success.

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