Gabriyel Wong

Gabriyel joined Reapra in June 2018 as Chief Research Officer. Prior to Reapra, Gabriyel held senior leadership roles with several global unicorns (Rocket Internet, Skyscanner) and listed corporates (Expedia, Media Nusantara Citra) overseeing product strategy, management and investment in Asia. He was the co-founder of Singapore’s first game technology research lab in NTU and was faculty member of the university’s Computer Engineering School. In 2011, Gabriyel co-founded his 3D technology start-up that sold visualization systems to Intel and Motorola. Gabriyel holds a PhD and Master’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from NTU and an MBA from University of Illinois (UC).

2 Articles by Gabriyel Wong

PBF Series: Luxury Travel

PBF Series: Luxury Travel

The concept of luxury travel has now shifted to self-actualization as the ultimate luxury.

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The Arc Reactor for Sustainable Entrepreneurship

The Arc Reactor for Sustainable Entrepreneurship

For Reapra, the future is a statement for better societies and sustainable businesses, built by people with strong values and entrepreneurship qualities.

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