Becoming a founder with us

Deal Parameters

Reapra typically provides equity financing for people who are aspiring to be founders or at the pre-seed and seed stage intending to operate within South-East Asia, China, or Japan.

We prefer to lead or be the sole investor during an investment round due to the nature of the support we provide. Guideline terms for our investments as follows:

Aspiring and Pre-Seed Stage Founders

  • Founder is looking to start a business but hasn’t selected a specific field, business model, or product, and hasn’t raised significant funds, or built a team yet.
  • Founders with a selected field or an existing business or product idea and have started development, should be open to adjusting or pivoting based on alignment with Reapra’s venture building approach.
  • Up to S$150,000 for at least 20% in equity (average ticket size of S$100,000)

Seed Stage Founders

  • Founder has an existing business which is generating revenue and is near profitability or already sustainable on a cash flow basis.
  • Up to S$500,000 for at least 20% in equity.

What we are looking for

We seek founders who are looking for an alternative approach to the typical venture capital backed startup growth model, and view self-transformation and leadership development as imperatives they would like to receive support on.

Candidates that Reapra tends to align better with exhibit some of the following:

  • Open-minded and comfortable with ambiguity
  • Effectual and keen on learning-by-doing
  • Inclined to build a market leading business in a profitable and capital efficient manner
  • Have a long term horizon and willing to dedicate oneself to a field for 10+ years
  • Strong desire to address nascent social issues in complex fields
  • Flexible towards different business models and approaches
  • Active with co-learning and execution across functions of the business, as opposed to hiring and delegating task to specialist

Our Process


Reapra’s engagement process is broken down into 4 phases and may take up to 6 months (average of 4 months) from the moment an application is submitted to when an investment is completed.

Unlike typical venture firms, we are highly focused on a candidate’s personal story and its connection to a field of business. This is demonstrated in the time spent during the introspective Foundation Design phase where we seek to assist each candidate in developing an understanding of who they are in order to uncover their own unique life mission, and challenges that inhibit their learning capability.

Post Investment

After an investment is completed, founders are assigned a dedicated relationship manager (RM) who will act as their point of contact with Reapra and serve as their co-learning partner.

The RM will continue to build upon the work done during the Foundation Design phase to assist the founder in establishing a Promising Business Field that resonates with a founder’s unique life mission and aid them in the selection of a suitable entry point / business model that will allow them to generate revenues quickly while acquiring a better understanding of the dynamics within their business field.

The target being a sustainable cash flow positive business within a period of 1 to 2 years that would allow profits to be reinvested into subsequent business models or product development.

For Seed stage founders with an existing business model, improving operational efficiency and profitability of the company will be the initial core focus prior to the selection and development of another line of business.


We aim to continuously develop our founders over the long term and customise our support approach according to an individual's uniqueness. This sometimes entails multiple non-linear runs of our Foundation Design process or the scaffolding of new methods and structures to assist founders’ in becoming better learners as they navigate their business fields.

Through the support provided, founders gain clarity of purpose in their entrepreneurial motivations, as well as increased proficiency in cognitive, management, and social competencies. These capabilities may be expressed in various ways such as:

  • Higher levels of self awareness and propensity for self reflection
  • Improved effectuation and visioning capacity
  • Increased use of meta cognitive, multilateral, and multi-perspective thinking
  • Sensitivity to identify and adjust one’s biases, mental models, and blindspots
  • Increased ability to thrive amidst uncertainty in complex environments while connecting short-term actions to long-term goals
  • Increased ability to co-learn with multiple stakeholders across the ecosystem

Commoditised functional support in areas such as accounting, recruitment, prototyping, or fundraising etc. as well as best practice advisory and network access are NOT a focus of Reapra’s support but may be provided on an opportunistic basis where available.

Let's co-create a business for the long term.

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